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Julia Samoylova almost quit Eurovision 2018

Julia Samoylova has appeared on the Russian television show, Pust’ govoryat, to talk about her experience at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon.

Semi-Final woes

It was the first time Russia had failed to qualify for the Grand Final at the contest since the new Semi-Final format was introduced. In an interview, Julia Samoylova spoke about doubts concerning her participation…

“I had thoughts of abandoning Eurovision, especially when preparations for the contest were not going as I imagined, perhaps my ideas were too vague […] I thought that I could cope with this task. Still, this is my dream – albeit naïve – but I went for it. And I’m glad that in my life this has happened.”

There was a lot of criticism of the Russian entry during the preparation period before Lisbon 2018. It must be said that very little of it was aimed at the 29-year-old singer.  In addition, Julia spoke about her awareness of such criticism…

“I had a lot of free time, and I paid attention to these comments: why? Probably, it was a pendulum: at first there were too many positive emotions, now there must be a counterbalance.”

Russia at Eurovision

Russia has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 21 times since they first participated in 1994. The country’s best result was achieved in 2008, with Dima Bilan’s “Believe“. The song won in Belgrade with 272 points.
Julia Samoylova was previously selected to represent Russia in 2017. But was subsequently withdrawn from the contest after the news arose that Julia was banned from entering Ukraine.

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  1. I will say the song was not bad listening to the recorded version, but the video promoting it and the stage performance was not good. And also the vocals, not that Julia needed more help than Sweden from the backing vocalists, but she really needed help

  2. Russia should send Sergey Ashihmin, former In Yan band. He\’s a good singer, he can dance and he is goodlooking: I think he has all the ingredients to do well.

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