An Xtra Happy Birthday; May 25th!

Yesterday on 24th of May, there were five Eurovision artist that had a birthday. Today however there are three Eurovision singers that have a birthday. The oldest of them is only 10 years older then the youngest. Furthermore, they took part at Eurovision one year after another, 2012 to 2015. Aliona Moon, Emma Marrone and Alex Larke were born on this day.

Alex Larke, 39

In 2015, UK picked the duo Electro Velvet to be their act at Eurovision. Alex was apart of with it, along with Bianca Nicholas. They performed the song “Still In Love With You” on the stage in Vienna, Austria. Their lively act, unfortunately for them, only got seven points and finished 24th out of 27 countries.

Emma Marrone, 34

Italy selected Emma in 2014 to be their act at Eurovision. Therefore she sang “La mia città” at the final in Copenhagen, Denmark. The song got 33 points, and finished in 21st place. That surprisingly is Italy’s worst placement at the contest.

Aliona Moon, 29

Moldova picked Pasha Parfeny in 2012 to be their act at Eurovision. Aliona joined him on the Eurovision stage in Baku as background singer. However her chance as the main singer came the year after in 2013. Where she performed the song “O Mie” in Malmö, Sweden. She advanced from the semi final with her elevating dress, and placed 11th at the grand final.

We all here at escXtra would like to congratulate them on their birthday and send them good vibes!

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