LISTEN: Mello! Mello! New songs from Melodifestivalen artists

Melodifestivalen might be long over and the next contest far far away, but that doesn’t meant the artists themselves aren’t busy busy busy doing something to get us all through the summer. Many Melfest stars have already released new singles these past few weeks and now it’s time to add a whole bunch of new names to that list. So stop listening to Dua Lipa and that one song from The Greatest Showman for a second and let’s see what else is new.

Mariette – Time to Spare

First up is this year’s Melodifestivalen finalist and Rona Nishliu’s hair twin Mariette with her hot new single “Time to Spare”. It’s a real electro-pop banger with a futuristic touch to it, enhanced further by Mariette’s flawlessly unique vocals.
You can listen to “Time to Spare” below:

Robin Bengtsson – Liar

Next we take a look at Robin Bengtsson, who has managed to find some time away from his treadmill to bring us his new single “Liar”. People who are used to Robin’s earlier work will find themselves right at home with the new pop track, infused with all the usual sexy Swedish pop flair we know and love him for.

Listen to “Liar” below:

Molly Hammar – Blossom

The Petterssonless Molly Hammar continues cranking out new tracks, this time ditching Sondr and going solo with “Blossom”. It’s an RnB infused pop track that shows off Molly’s fantastic vocals, while creating a sensual, sexy atmosphere. And if you are not quite sure what to do with the song, Molly herself has some…advice for you.

Listen to “Blossom” below:

Samir & Viktor  – Put Your Hands Up för Sverige (feat. Anis Don Demina)

Sweden’s very own Bert and Ernie have teamed up with Swedish DJ Anis Don Demina and are back at it again with their new track “Put Your Hands Up för Sverige“, an energetic toe-tapper right in line with the rest of their discography. So get ready to put your hands up for Sverige, as you cheer them on in the upcoming World Cup and finally figure out what the HELL the offside rule is (I have no idea, don’t ask).

Listen to “Put Your Hands Up för Sverige (feat. Anis Don Demina)” below:

Sanna Nielsen – Det vänder nu (It’s Turning Now)

Lastly, Sanna Nielsen has undone her sad and is ready to cheer us all up with her energetic new pop track “Det vänder nu”. Guess what? It’s Swedish and It’s pop. Sanna Nielsen style! That should be enough to sell you on it as quickly as possible.

Listen to”Det vänder nu” below:

*phew* That’s it then, time to update our playlists and listen listen listen! What do you think of these new tracks? Which one is your favourite? Do you hope to see some of these artists back at Melodifestivalen next year? How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Let us know in the comments and on social media @ESCXTRA! 

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