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2011 Eurovision entrants Blue want Steps to represent the United Kingdom in 2019

British pop band Steps recently began their Summer of Steps tour which travels across England, Scotland and Wales throughout June and July. Fresh from representing Finland in Lisbon, Saara Aalto is one of the band’s opening acts. Furthermore, joining Saara is 2011 British Eurovision representatives and chart-topping boyband Blue. So is Eurovision on the horizon for Steps? In an interview with Edinburgh News, Blue says it should be!

“We think they should do it!”

Speaking to Edinburgh News, Steps band member Ian “H” Watkins explains that, a few days ago, he was watching Blue’s set as they opened one of their Summer of Steps shows. He said the following:

In their set [Blue] said: “This is a song from Eurovision and H tweeted the other day he’d love to do Eurovision”. [Blue] then said [to the crowd]: “We think [Steps] should do it!”. So that’s a box ticked from Duncan [James, from Blue]!

“When the rest of Europe like us…”

While “H” is certainly all for Eurovision, his bandmates don’t share his enthusiasm. Bandmate Claire Richards explains that Steps participating at a future Eurovision Song Contest depends on “the rest of Europe liking [the United Kingdom”. Richards explains to Edinburgh News:

Well, if you ask H, he will say yes. If you ask the rest of us, possibly not. We had such an amazing year last year and still coming into this year, we are enjoying that wave at the moment. When the rest of Europe like us, which will probably never happen, then maybe.

Indeed, this follows similar comments made by Steps earlier this year.

But Blue can!

Back in 2011, Blue proved that the European televoters do indeed like the UK, despite the claims of Richards and many of the British public. Despite this attitude amongst many Brits going back to the turn of the millennium, we only have to go back to 2011 to see I Can finish inside the top five of the grand final televote. Indeed, Blue would have finished just 57 points behind Azerbaijan and just 10 points behind the podium if televoting alone decided the 2011 contest.
Unfortunately for Blue, a below-par performance for the juries placed them 22nd with the music professional resulting in an 11th place finish overall. Nevertheless, Blue is the UK’s second-highest placing entry since Jemini’s infamous nul points in 2003. Indeed, only Jade Ewen has finished higher: 5th in 2009.

Would you like to see Steps represent the United Kingdom in a future Eurovision Song Contest? Let us know @ESCXTRA!

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