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Eilat joins race as potential host city for Eurovision 2019

Eilat joins Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa!

We now have a four horse race to host the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Israel. The Israeli news site Walla now reported that an unnamed source at the EBU told them, that Eilat is considered as a possible host city for the upcoming contest. According to the source, the EBU is considering Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and now also Eilat as a possible city to welcome fans from all over the world for next year’s shows.

“The decision depends on things around”

As, according to the source, the EBU at this point considers four cities to host the upcoming contest in Israel, the decision will be made based on different factors. Of course, there has to be a venue available for the needed time. It’s also a question about infrastructure, airport and hotels in the area. Apparently, the EBU waits for the official presentations of the cities to submit their ideas. The city, that matches the most with the ideas and needs of the EBU will most likely get the contest for next year.
As we reported earlier, Jerusalem is the favourite of the officials in Israel.  Haifa joined the race later, while Tel Aviv announced, that they don’t wanna host the upcoming contest. According to the EBU source of the Israeli newspaper “Walla”, Tel Aviv is still considered by the EBU while Petah Tikva gets not mentioned in the article.

About Eilat

Eilat is located all the way in the south of Israel. Just over 50.000 people live in the city at the Red Sea. Airlines like RyanAir and WizzAir are flying to the Israeli city who now is considered as a potential host city.
Who would you love as a host city for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest? Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Petah Tikva, Haifa or even another city? Let us know in the comments below or on social media @ESCXTRA
We’re now looking for a host city in Israel after Netta won the contest last month in Lisbon with her entry “Toy”.  She won the contest with 529 points giving Israel their fourth victory.

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