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AWS surprised by love of Eurovision fandom

Hungarian metal band speak about positive experience

Hungarian entrants AWS may not have made much of an impact on the Eurovision stage, ending in 21st place with 93 points, but lead singer Siklósi Örs, speaking to Hungarian online magazine FMC in an interview about his wedding next summer, confirms that the band feel positive about their experience doing Eurovision. They felt surprised but pleased at the fan love they received, speculating that it was to do with the light-hearted way they approached the contest with their metal song ‘Vislát Nyár’. They had good words to say about the contest in return.

“Never before have I seen Eurovision in my life, but it was a positive thing that brought people together. The  audience, the performers, the organisers, they were all open and nice.”

(translated from the original Hungarian)

Pressure worth rewards

Örs spoke about the pressure he and his bandmates felt being musical ambassadors for the Hungarian nation and his dislike of flying around Europe to reach all of the Eurovision events. However, he confirmed that the experience was well worth those struggles. Speaking about the low finish, he admitted he was glad to have avoided some of the limelight, lowering the number of interviews he had to face.

AWS create mashup with ‘Toy’

AWS did receive good reception in the pre-contest press polls in both the semi-final and the grand final, coming second with 56 points in the final jury rehearsal, but that didn’t translate into a left-half finish and the metal band recorded Hungary’s worst finish since 2012. In keeping with the band’s positive experience with Eurovision, they have shown themselves to be on board with the winner of the contest. They have released a metal mashup of Netta’s ‘Toy’ and ‘Vislát Nyár’ on their Youtube channel. The remix, known as ‘Viszlát Toy’, has already attracted 40,000 views in the three days it has been live.

Were you one of the fans who appreciated AWS bringing something different to the Eurovision stage? What do you think of the mashup with ‘Toy’? Let us know below.

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