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Every Time We Meet 2018 – with two Eurovision #superstardivas

Will they cover each others' songs?

One of the most popular TV-shows in Norway is Hver gang vi møtes, in English; Every time we meet. It is based on the Dutch concept De beste zangers van Nederland, first aired in 2009. This year’s Norwegian edition is the seventh since it’s debut in 2012. The Norwegian title of the series is taken from one of the most beloved songs in Norway, “Venner (Friends)” by Halvdan Sivertsen.

MGP/Eurovision artists

The idea behind the show is that seven artists move in together for a week, get to know each other better, and every day, one of them will get to experience the others’ takes on their songs. In this year’s line-up we find three names with a MGP or Eurovision Song Contest connection. They are Elisabeth Andreassen, Maria Haukaas Mittet and Trine Rein.

Elisabeth Andreassen

Elisabeth Andreassen, or Bettan, is one of the most successful Eurovision artists, with one victory (La det swinge, 1985), one second place (I evighet, 1996) and a sixth place (Duett, 1994) for Norway, and an eighth place (Dag efter dag, 1982) for Sweden. She also has an additional five Melodifestivalen participations and two more MGP attempts under her belt. When asked why she agreed to be part of the line-up this season, she told TV2:

“I said yes to participating in Hver gang vi møtes because it’s a warm and genuine program where we get to express ourselves and challenge ourselves in the music. Interpreting others’ songs my own way is challenging and fun. I’m very much looking forward to hearing the other wonderful and talented artists interpreting my songs. The fact that we all play different genres creates a good dynamic and I think this will be completely fantastic and hopefully good tv for the viewers.”

Do you think we will hear one of the other participants perform their version of “I evighet”? Perhaps Maria Haukaas Mittet will have a go at it?

Maria Haukaas Mittet

Maria represented Norway at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, where she finished in an impressive fifth place with the song “Hold On Be Strong”. She’s also participated in Melodifestivalen (Killing Me Tenderly, 2009) and Melodi Grand Prix (Make My Day, 2010) in the years following her ESC participation.
Regarding her participation in Hver gang vi møtes, Maria says:
It seems incredibly exciting and rewarding to enter other artists’ musical careers, traveling into other people’s lives. This will without a doubt bring inspiration, and I’m looking forward to being part of this season’s Hver gang vi møtes group.

Would you like to hear “Hold On Be Strong” covered by one of the other artists in Hver gang vi møtes? Perhaps Maria and Bettan will cover each other’s Eurovision entries?
Trine Rein has taken part in Melodi Grand Prix twice; in 2006 with “Here For the Show”, and in 2007 with “Maybe”. She did however fail to reach the final both times.
In previous seasons of the show, Eurovision artists such as Anita Skorgan, Alexander Rybak, Margaret Berger and Åse Klevland have taken part. One rather memorable performance was when Ida Maria gave us her take on “My Heart Is Yours“. What do you think of it? 

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