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Turkish prime minister claims Israeli win was ‘planned’

Turkey have no plans to return

In a live TV interview earlier this evening, the Turkish prime minister, Binali Yildirim, answered questions regarding the country’s participation at the contest and in the process, made several comments towards this year’s winning entry.

A return is not on the cards

With the country now approaching a six year absense from the contest, one of the questions put to government officials year after year is whether the nation has any plans to return. The question was put to Yildirim during the show in which he reiterated that Turkey had no plans to return to the contest.

“They planned everything to secure an Israeli win”

With the Eurovision Song Contest still in discussion, the prime minster took the opportunity to comment on this year’s winning song.  In an extreme claim, he implied that the EBU paved the way for an Israeli win despite the Israeli singer not being very good.

For the first time, they allowed Israel to win the competition so that they can host it next year. They changed the voting method to ensure that this could happen. They planned everything so that it can be held in Jerusalem”

This year’s contest saw only one change in the voting system: the way the jury votes are taken into account changedIt is worth pointing out that even with the previous “jury voting ways”, Israel would have won. It is also worth pointing out that Israel did not win the Jury voting to begin with, being only 3rd, with 212 points. That was 59 points behind the leader, Austria. And even with the “old voting system” (used before 2016), Israel would have won.
Finally, as many fans already know, it is not the first time Israel has won the competition: it is actually their fourth victory (after 1978, 1979 and 1998). The Prime Minister is thus wrong on both points.

RE-LIVE: Turkey’s last performance at the contest

Turkey last participated at the contest in 2012, represented by Can Bonomo with Love Me Back. The song placed 7th at the grand final with 112 points.

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  1. SO PATHETIC. I\’m really sorry for the Turks this sad ridiculous joke is their president. So embarrassing…

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