WATCH: Arash teams up with Nyusha, Blanco and Pitbull


The 2018 FIFA World Cup has kicked off which means plenty of bloodshot eyes, while pretending to be terribly ill with an unknown virus that requires the entire building to be quarantined off just so we can get off work and watch all of it. But there is still plenty of downtime between matches to remember our Eurovision fandom and what better way to combine the two than to listen to a brand new collaboration between Arash, Nyusha, Pitbull and Blanco.

Arash has been always on our minds after representing Azerbaijan in 2009 with Aysel. Now he has united with a few other big names that should be familiar to music lovers all over the world for a very special collaboration.

Nyusha is one of Russia’s biggest stars right now, a singer-songwriter with more hits under her name than one cancount. She already presented the Russian votes in 2016, but plenty out there are hoping she will eventually find herself on the actual Eurovision stage as a Russian representative.
Blanco “The Ear” is a Grammy nominated American producer and lyricist, who has worked with such big names as Childish Gambino, Chris Brown and Fergie among others. He is here to add both his vocal and production talents to “Goalia Goalie”.

And Pitbull is just Pitbull..

Quite the group there, but what about the song?

Well together they are ready to get the celebrations started with a music video (directed by Farbod Khoshtinatfeaturing more…interesting green screen effects and soft blur than the last Resident Evil movie you saw on TV.

The song is all about spreading positivity as Arash states:

My biggest passions in life are football and music. I believed that if music didn’t work out, I could succeed in football. The FIFA World Cup is the biggest event in the World, uniting people from all continents. This year’s tournament in Russia will be an incredible experience! I would like to spread more positive energy so I recorded the song “Goalie Goalie”.

Nyusha on the other hand hopes the song helps connect different cultures and people coming to visit Russia:

Music should unite us, no matter what our creed or skin color. Our collaboration (with Pitbull, Arash and Blanco) is an anthem to connect different cultures and people. Also, it’s important for me to let all foreign guests know that Russian people are very welcoming and genial.

What do you think of the track? Who are you rooting for at the world cup? Take a sip every time Pitbull claims he’s Mr.Worldwide.

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