An Xtra Happy Birthday; 19 June!

Greetings to Bosnia&Herzegovina, Estonia and Netherlands!

Yesterday on 18th of June, one Eurovision lady from Netherlands had a birthday. Today there is also a Eurovision performed from Netherlands that has a birthday along with two other Eurovision artist. Tanja Mihhailova, Glennis Grace and Amila Glamočak celebrate their birthday today!

Amila Glamočak, 52

Bosnia and Herzegovina selected Amila to be their act at Eurovision Song Contest in 1995. Which means she got to sing “Za našu ljubav” at the stage in Oslo, Norway. The sweet song did not unfortunally for her did not catch many points and therefore finished second to last that year.

Glennis Grace, 40

Netherlands chose Grace to be their representative at Eurovision in 2005. Therefore she sang “My Impossible Dream” in Kiev, Ukraine. Despite her powerful voice the song placed 14th in the semi final. Which means Glennis did not make it to the final.

Tanja Mihhailova,35

In 2014, Estonia decided to go with the song “Amazing” to Eurovision. That is, Tanja performed the on stage with one dancer at the first semi final in Copenhagen, Denmark. Unfortunately for her the song did not advance to the final.

We all here at escXtra would like to wish them amazing birthday greetings!

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