An Xtra Happy Birthday; 20 June

Greetings to Denmark and France!

Yesterday on 19th of June three female Eurovision artist celebrated their birthday. Today however, there are two Eurovision birthday lads. One performed in 1992 and the other in 2016. Kenny Lübcke and Amir where born on this day.

Kenny Lübcke, 52

Denmark selected the duet Kenny and Lotte Nilsson to be their representative at Eurovision the Eurovision Song Contest in 1992. Therefore they sang the song ” Alt det som ingen ser” at the stage in Malmö, Sweden. The duet got 42 points, that is they finished in 12th place out of 23 entries.

Amir Haddad, 34

France selected the Israelian singer Amir to go on their behalf to Eurovision in 2016. The song “J’ai cherché” when released became as a big contender to win the contest. At the night of the final the song however got 257 points which landed Amir the 6th place. Which is the highest placement they France gotten since 2002. Here is an interview with Amir that we took at London Eurovision Party, before the contest in Kyiv.

We all here at escXtra would like to wish the two of them the very best on their special day!

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