An Xtra Happy Birthday; 23 June

Greetings to the United Kingdom, Israel, Norway and Latvia!

Yesterday we only had two Eurovision birthday boys to celebrate. Today, however, on the 23rd of June, a total of four Eurovision stars were born. Three of them are girls, one is even a Eurovision winner! Today’s  birthday boy, however, is part of a world famous boy band. We are of course speaking of Blue’s Antony Costa!

Noa, 49

Noa represented Israel at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. Jewish-Israeli singer Noa performed the song “There Must Be Another Way” alongside Arab-Israeli singer Mira Awad. This song is not as much a song of peace as it is a song about respecting the humanity of others. They finished seventh in the first semi-final, thus sailing into the grand final. There they finished in a somewhat disappointing 16th place.

Britt Synnøve, 48

Britt Synnøve represented Norway at the 1989 Eurovision Song Contest in Lausanne. She won the right to represent her country by winning that year’s edition of Melodi Grand Prix. In the Eurovision final, however, she only finished 17th out of 22 participating countries.

Marie N, 45

Marija Neumova, better known just as Marie N, represented Latvia at the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest in Estonia. She performed her own song “I Wanna”, securing Latvia’s first win, in what was just their second participation. Her performance, where she had several costume changes, is thought to have been an important reason for her victory.
When Latvia hosted the contest the following year, Marie N and Renars Kaupers, from Brainstorm, were the hosts.

Antony Costa, 37

Antony represented the United Kingdom at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf. He did so as part of the world famous boy band Blue. It caused a substantial bit of excitement when they were announced as the UK entry that year. In the grand final they finished eleventh with their song “I Can”.

This was, however, not Antony’s first “taste of Eurovision”. Back in 2006 he took part in the UK preselection “Making Your Mind Up” with the song “Beautiful Thing”, only to be beaten by Daz Sampson’s “Teenage Life”. Daz ended in 19th place; do you think “Beautiful Thing” could have given the UK a better result?

All of us here at escXtra wish today’s Eurostars the best of birthdays, hoping they celebrate in style!

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