An Xtra Happy Birthday; 27 June

Greetings to Czech Republic, Macedonia, Russia and Austria!

Three Eurovision stars celebrated their birthday yesterday, one of them even a winner! Today’s Xtra happy birthday wishes go to three birthday girls and one boy. None of them won the contest, however we do have everything from a non-qualifier to Alsou, who finished in 2nd place back in 2000. 

Petra Frey, 40

Petra Frey represented Austria at the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin. She performed the song “Für den Frieden der Welt”, finishing in 17th place. Nine years later she tried her luck in the Austrian national final again, this time with “This Night Should Never End“. She did however “only” finish second, since the Austrians would rather be represented by Alf Poier. Petra returned to the national pre-selection again in 2011, failing to make it to the final with “Send a Little Smile”.

Alsou, 35

Alsou represented Russia at the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. There she finished 2nd with her song “Solo”. She was only beaten by Denmark’s Olsen Brothers with “Fly On the Wings of Love”. After Dima Bilan’s win in 2008, Alsou was one of the grand final hosts when Russia organized the contest the following year in Moscow.

Lozano, 33

Lozano, or Vlatko Lozanoski, represented Macedonia at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. He performed the song “Pred da se razdeni” in a duet with the “queen of the Gypsies”, Esma. Everybody thought that by sending these two, who were both very popular throughout the Balkans, Macedonia would be a certain qualifier. They did, however, only finish 16th in the second semi, thus failing to reach the final.

Gabriela Guncikova, 25

Gabriela represented the Czech Republic at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest Stockholm. She was the first Czech participant to qualify for the Eurovision final. She did so by finishing 9th in the first semi-final. In the final, however, she only managed to finish 25th out of 26 participants. Despite this bad result, her song “I Stand” is still loved by many fans. After Mikolas Josef’s great result this year, she is no longer the most successful Czech entry in the contest.

All of us here at escXtra wish Petra, Alsou, Lozano and Gabriela the happiest of birthdays!

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