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Glennis Grace WOWS the AGT judges!

It's a yes from us

We take a little trip to a different continent today to celebrate the appearance of a familiar face on another TV show contest. Yes, the annual sob story talent competition known as America’s Got Talent has been going strong all throughout the month, featuring a healthy dose of Josh Groban covers, endless montages and (as you already know by now if you read the title of this article) none other than Glennis Grace!

This isn’t the first time AGT, Whitney Houston and Eurovision have been connected. Thanks to his audition video going viral last year, Johnny Manuel found his way to Equinox to melt hearts with his smooth falsetto vocals in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.
Now, however, it’s Glennis Grace’s time to shine. She took the stage in this week’s audition episode to follow her dreams and stun the viewers with her rendition of Whitney Houston’s “Run To You”.

All four judges (featuring Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B and that guy from Deal or No Deal) gave Glennis a standing ovation and sent her through to the next round, where she will face off against plenty of other singers, dancers, magicians and kids quacking like ducks. 

There’s still at eternity until the show reaches the final stage (no, really, this show goes on until September). Glennis will have to keep impressing the judges and the voters to get there, but we here at ESCXTRA wish her the best of luck!

Her impossible dream

Remember 2005? Feels like just yesterday Elena Paparizou was turning men into her own personal instrument on stage. That is also the year when Glennis Grace took her turn to represent The Netherlands with her soulful ballad “My Impossible Dream”. Unfortunately she didn’t qualify from a packed semi-final, but still left a lasting impression on Eurovision fans all across the globe.

Do you think Glennis Grace has a shot at winning the show? What did you think of her entry back in 2005? Last week we saw a man in a caterpillar outfit on the show, possible future duet?

Let us know in the comments and on social media @ESCXTRA! 

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