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“Hollywood calling”? Israel’s ambitious wishlist of Eurovision 2019 hosts

Israel’s Eurovision broadcaster, KAN, is pulling no punches when it comes to their lofty wishlist of potential hosts for next year’s contest. Following Netta’s victory in Lisbon, the first big name to be tossed around by KAN was Israeli actress Gal Gadot, whose Wonder Woman role has made her an incredibly in-demand figure in the entertainment world and even propelled her to be recognized as IMDb’s top star of 2017. Consequently, it may not come as a surprise that Gadot turned down the offer to host Eurovision 2019 as she has prior commitments and a packed schedule through next year. Despite this, KAN has wasted no time discussing other Israeli personalities to potentially host the contest.
One of the more consistently rumored names in the hosting game is model, television host, actress, and businesswomen Bar Refaeli. The Israeli beauty has worn many hats in her career having covered the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, been #1 on Maxim magazine’s annual Hot 100, and has even starred in a Super Bowl commercial. Perhaps most notably, Refaeli also has extensive experience with music competitions as she’s been the host of The X Factor Israel since 2013. Aside from Refaeli, there is another hugely prominent celebrity who KAN reportedly has at the top of their list.

Though she’s made a name for herself in America and across Europe, Refaeli is still regularly featured on magazines and television shows in her home country.
If KAN’s rumored choice of Natalie Portman ends up being a part of Israel 2019, the broadcaster will have secured one of the most world-famous names to ever host the Eurovision Song Contest. A producer, director, and Academy award winning actress, the Hollywood icon’s lengthy career would require multiple pages to summarize. There is a monumental hurdle that stands in the way of this idea becoming a reality, however. A dual American and Israeli citizen, Portman decided not to travel to Israel to accept an award from the Genesis Prize Foundation earlier this year, with one of her representatives stating that recents events in Israel have left the actress “too uncomfortable to participate in any public events in Israel.” She was denounced by the Israeli government, which may consequently prevent KAN from even approaching her with an offer to host.
It hasn’t always been tense. Former Israeli President Shimon Peres is pictured with Portman at the premiere of her film “A Tale of Love and Darkness” in 2011.
The other rumored names on the Israeli broadcaster’s mind are not as internationally well-known, but are notable figures in their home country. These include news anchors Rumi Neumark and Geula Even, comedian Dudu Erez, Israel’s Eurovision 2018 commentator Erez Tal, and Lucy Ayoub, who presented the points of the Israeli jury in this year’s grand final.
Many fans believe that Eurovision hosts often struggle to be funny and charismatic. Could snagging comedian Dudu Erez as next year’s host end up being a hilarious hit for Israel?
What do you think of these rumored potential hosts? Is the A-list Bar Refaeli your top pick to host the contest next year? Do you think KAN should reach out to Natalie Portman? Would you rather see less widely-known figures on the Eurovision stage? Should they go with a comedian, such as Dudu Erez? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on our various social media pages, and thank you for reading!

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  1. As an Israeli a lot of us are angry with Natalie including Dana international who said she isn\’t even Israeli (i totally agree)

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