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Jay Aston in recovery after surgery

"All went to plan"

Jay Aston, 57, who won the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest as part of Bucks Fizz, is in recovery after undergoing surgery on Tuesday. The operation is part of her treatment after being diagnosed with mouth cancer. 
It was back in April that Jay was dagnosed with mouth cancer, and during Tuesday’s surgery, part of her tongue was removed.
On Tuesday afternoon, just a few hours after the operation, Jay’s husband,David Colquhoun, shared the news on facebook that Jay was out of surgery and said “all went to plan”.

So just had the call from Guys hospital…
Jay out of surgery as of 3 pm
All went to plan …
Thanks to everyone for your supportxxx
Feel free to share the news

David has kept posting updates on facebook, allowing people to follow Jay’s recovery and progress. Yesterday, about 24 hours after Jay was out of surgery, he posted;

So update on Jays recovery is all looking positive. Jay moved from intensive care on to the ward. This is much earlier than expected so goes to show the fight in the girl…..
It’s at times such as the last 24 hours that really reflects what is important.
There will always be someone worse or better off than yourself…
just Be Yourself !!!
And take the stairs if you can….
Will keep updating but it’s looking very good 😊

According to his latest update, Jay has been able to walk around a bit, with the help of a frame, and under supervision.

Jay Aston in Eurovision Song Contest

Jay Aston and the rest of Bucks Fizz won the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest with the fun, uptempo song “Making Your Mind Up”. Today, she is part of the group The Fizz. THe other members are Sheryl Baker and Michael Nolan. They were also both part of Bucks Fizz.

Jay told the London Evening Standard that she has been afraid of losing her voice completely. She will most likely be unable to sing anything at all for at least the next year. Prior to the operation, Jay therefore recorded her vocals for both The Fizz’ Christmas album and another album that is to be released in 2019. Last week, she told The Mirror that her voice had returned, almost in full, after having a sliver of her tongue removed earlier this year. This made it possible for her to record her parts for the forthcoming albums.
She also said she would most likely be in hospital for two weeks following the surgery.
All of us here at escXtra wish Jay Aston a speedy recovery, and hope that she will be able to join the rest of The Fizz both in the studio and on stage again soon! 

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