An Xtra Happy Birthday; 14 July 🇦🇹 & 🇨🇿

Greetings to Austria!

Yesterday on 13th of July, two Eurovision female singer celebrated their birthday. Today however, there is only one Eurovision birthday gentleman. Austria selected him to be their representative at Eurovision, although he is originally from Czechoslovakia/ Czech Republic. At the contest he sang in German, but he also recorded the Czech version along with Italian and two English versions. Karel Gott was born on the 14th of July!

Karel Gott, 79

Gott represented Austria in the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest in Royal Albert Hall in London. He finished 13th out of 17 participants, receiving a mere 2 points for his “Tausend Fenster”. Karel, who is Czech, is possibly the most popular singer in the history of Czechoslovakia/the Czech Republic. He is considered at great singer, that is he was selected the country’s best male singer an astounding 41 times. Most recently in 2016! His Czech version is called “Vítám vítr v údolí“, which is probably the first Eurovision Song that is also sung in Czech language. Because Czech Republic only started taking part at Eurovision Song Contest in 2007.

All of us here at escXtra wish Karel an Xtra wonderful and warm greetings on his special day! 

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