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Greece: Was Kalomoira discussing a Eurovision comeback in 2018?

Could she have represented Greece in Lisbon?

Kalomira is no stranger to the Eurovision community, as she is the last artist to finish in the Top 3 for Greece, managing a third-place finish with 218 points in 2008. In her recent interview in People Magazine Greece, she revealed that she was in early talks with the Greek delegation in order to come back after 10 years and represent Greece!

So, how did these discussions go?

When asked about any future participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, Kalomira answered that she was discussing about representing Greece in the 2018 contest. These discussions, however, did not materialize, as she explained that: “This year was the 10-year anniversary of my participation so I was in early discussions about representing Greece, but the plans didn’t proceed. Everything seemed positive, but my instinct told me not to do it. What I have made clear  is that my priority is my children and my husband. Whatever I do, in singing but also in television, should not affect and disturb the children’s routine.”. She then decided to turn down the proposal, with Yianna Terzi finally getting the ticket to Lisbon

Kalomira’s opinion about the Greek entry

Apart from revealing her potential 2018 participation, Kalomira also expressed her opinion regarding Yianna Terzi and her performance in Lisbon. Although Greece failed to qualify to the final, Kalomira said that: “Yianna gave it all, it was wonderful. Her song was dynamic, with very nice lyrics. I thought she would go into the final and did not expect her to fail to qualify to the final.”
Kalomira’s result in Belgrade with “Secret Combination” still remains Greece’s best result in the last 10 years, with Yianna Terzi finishing 14th in the first Semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, with 81 points.
Do you think Kalomira would have secured another qualification for Greece in Lisbon? Could she do better than 2008? Would you like to see her again on the Eurovision stage?
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