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Netta and Chill: Netta stars in Netflix TV commercial for Partner TV!

From stage to screen. Netta is on it!

Winner and current reigning Queen of Eurovision, Netta Barzilai stars in her first ever Israeli TV commercial for Partner. Who are an online streaming service that is a Netflix provider.

Queen of Eurovision meets the Queen of… the

United Kingdom?

In the commercial, it sees Netta insert herself in some of Netflix’s biggest exports from “Orange is the New Black” to “Stranger Things” and from “Money Heist” to “The Crown” where she comes face to face with Claire Foy’s adaptation of Queen Elizabeth II! Watch the commercial below.

About the commercial.

Filmed in Kyiv, Ukraine. Netta sings the song “Summer Vacation” by the late Israeli singer/songwriter Naomi Shemer, brilliantly fusing her own looper vocals into the song. The commercial was filmed by “Toy” director, Karen Hochma.

Why Netta?

The Chief Marketing Officer of Partner, told Israeli business news outlet had this to say about Netta.

We’re excited to be part of an original campaign with a young and talented artist like Netta. She has an amazing ability to transcend conventions and penetrate straight to the heart with her musical truth. Her artistic footprint stands out in the campaign.

Netta has star power!

When talking to Israeli newspaper “Israel Hayom” that what she charges for wedding performances has grown drastically due to her Eurovision win, stating that before her win she charged €170 per performance. However now she can charge €14,000, yes, Fourteen thousand Euros for 15 minute sets!

Netta at Eurovision.

Netta shot to fame in May winning the Eurovision Song Contest, in Lisbon, Portugal with the song “Toy” written by Doron Medalie and Stav Beger. The song came first in the Semi-Final with 283 points due to this it qualified to the Final where it won with 529 points, giving Israel it’s 4th win.

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