Escuchar: Mikolas Josef releases Spanish version of “Lie To Me”

Your summer-hit is here!

Mikolas Josef is here to help you get the best for your summer. He just released the Spanish version of his Eurovision entry Lie To Me. Now, the song features most of the lines in Spanish which makes it your song of the summer. The song got released just when his Eurovision hit crossed phenomenal 17.3 million streams on Spotify alone!

What’s next for Mikolas Josef

Mikolas is working basically 24/7 on new music and is flying to different countries to perform and meet as many fans as possible. He also was speaking about a tour in one of his weekly Instagram Live sessions (each Monday at 7CET). With the release of the Spanish version of Lie To Me, Mikolas gives a big treat to his fans and makes the waiting for new content feel a bit easier 😉
Mikolas Josef represented the Czech Republic in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. He achieved the best result ever for his country coming in 6th place in the final, while finishing 4th with the Televote. His entry Lie To Me remains as one of the most successful songs of and after the contest.

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