LISTEN: Hinemoa releases “A.T.3 (Parallel)”

New musical direction!

Icelandic band Hinemoa has just released the second song from their upcoming debut album today. It’s called A.T.3 (Parallel), and it is utterly beautiful! 

Upcoming debut album

The first song from the album is “Still For a Moment“, and was released last summer. Since then, the quartet has played concerts both in and outside Iceland. They have also spent a lot of time in the studio, writing and recording new music. No date for the album release has yet been revealed, so we’ll just have to wait and see, very impatiently. In an interview last year, however, Ásta did hint at a release sometime ine middle of this year…which should be around now!

A “new” Hinemoa

Hinemoa was founded back in 2014, by friends Rakel and Ásta Björg. They were joined by Sindri on bass and Kristófer Nökkvi and Gisli on drums and percussion. Gisli left the band in 2015 and Rakel in 2016, both to pusrue other musical projects. Rakel has, among other things, participated in Söngvakeppnin twice since leaving Hinemoa; both in 2017 and 2018. Bergrós Halla replaced Rakel, and with her arrival, the band’s music has changed quite a bit. If you check out their Youtube channel and Spotify, you can listen to their old material, and judge for yourself.

Hinemoa in Söngvakeppnin

Hinemoa took part in Söngvakeppnin back in 2015. They participated with the song “Þú leitar líka að mér” (You’re also searching for me). Unfortunately they only finished fifth in the first semifinal, thus not making it to the national final.

Would you like to see Hinemoa try their luck again in Söngvakeppnin? What do you think of their new songs? Do you think they could potentially do well in Eurovision?

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