LISTEN: Benjamin Ingrosso releases his new tune “I Wouldn’t Know”

Bop alert!

Today, Benjamin Ingrosso releases his brand new single “I Wouldn’t Know”.  This is his first solo single after his big Eurovision hit “Dance You Off”, which already got more than 20.3 million streams on Spotify alone to date. Before releasing his new single, Benjamin already teamed up with his BFF Felix Sandman. With a mix of everything from modern pop to retro 70’s vibes Benjamin is demonstrating his versatility both as a songwriter and an artist and you can hear this in “I Wouldn’t Know”!

The meaning behind “I Wouldn’t Know”

Benjamin himself describes the new single as follows:

The frustration you can feel when you look up to someone and love someone but you don’t get anything back. About being hurt over and over again but you still can’t let that person go. “Tell me – what its like to love someone who gives a damn about you? Cause I wouldn’t know…

Moreover, Benjamin Ingrosso’s new single can easily keep up with the big hits around the world and is a must for your playlist. It’s catchy, modern and you truly need to listen to it below.

What’s next for Benjamin Ingrosso?

Benjamin is currently recording his debut album. He also has a tour coming up this fall with 25 stops in Sweden. After what he released so far, we can’t wait to hear more of him in the future and will surely keep you updated about all the news regarding his album and tour.
Listen to “I Wouldn’t Know” below! What do you think of his new work? Let us know in the comments below or on social media @ESCXTRA.

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