An Xtra Happy Birthday; 30 July! La multi ani!

Greetings to Romania!

Two days ago on 28th of July, three Eurovision performers celebrated their birthday. Yesterday however there were no Eurovision birthdays.  Today there is one Eurovision birthday Star! A birthday girl. She qualified for the grand final in her year, 2009 . She comes from the eastern part of Europe. That is, Romania. Elena Gheorghe are born on this day.

Elena Gheorghe, 33

Elena represented Romania in the 2009 Eurovision in Moscow. She performed the song “Balkan Girls”, qualifying from her semi-final as number nine. In the grand final the song got 40 points and therefore finished in 19th out of 25 countries. Elena also participated in the Romanian pre-selection in 2005, then as singer of the band Mandinga. They finished 4th in the national final. She left Mandinga in 2006. But Mandling represented Romania few years later, that is in 2012 with the song “Zaleilah“.

We all here at escXtra would like to wish the her xtra happy birthday! La Multi Ani!

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