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WATCH: Alfred’s electrifying performance at SHARE Festival

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It’s prime heatwave season all over Europe right now. This means finding dubious heat relief “life hacks” online and camping near the ice cream aisle at the local supermarket. It ALSO means plenty of time spent outside in the shade and what better way to enhance that than to take part of some festivals. One of those festivals (called SHARE Festival) just happened to take place on July 20-21st and featured a name Eurovision fans should know well: Alfred Garcia.

Share WHAT exactly?

As the festival’s own website puts it: sharing is the best way to achieve happiness. Essentially, it’s a music festival that works together with various charity organisations to promote positivity, helpfulness and good values. The main goal being happiness, and the event proposes two ways in its pursuit: Music and Solidarity. You could actually win tickets by doing acts of solidarity related to climate change, human rights, gender equality, children education and the end of extreme poverty among others.

The actual festival took place across two hot summer days in Barcelona on both July 20 and 21st. Of course Alfred wasn’t the only name on the bill, oh no, he joined world-renowned artists such as Rita Ora, Álvaro Soler and a whole lot of others. Even in that line-up, Alfred was still one of the most talked about acts at the event.

Did he just sing Tu Canción to himself?

Thankfully, no. Eurovision fans, who are used to seeing Alfred belt out soft ballads, could see him in a whole different light: rocking out on stage while performing his own songs as well as various covers of famous hits. Yes, Alfred found some time away from lovingly staring at Amaia to actually record an album and go on tour to promote it. The album is called “1016” (coincidentally, also the number of text messages Amaia leaves him in a single hour) and will be out later this year. SHARE Festival was just the first step in a long tour ahead of him, but to get a taste of what he has in store for his fans in future appearances, here’s a snazzily edited video straight from SHARE Festival:

Their song at Eurovision

Ah, young love…Amaia and Alfred set out to prove there was nothing more beautiful at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Their lovey-dovey ballad won over the hearts of people all across Spain, but unfortunately didn’t manage to melt the hearts of the viewers and finished 23rd in the final. Those of you not afraid of catching diabetes or tearing up, can remind yourselves down below:

What did you think of Alfred’s performance? Were you there at the festival to see it all live? Did Amaia book the entire front row all to herself?

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  1. A good rock song 🙂 As for their ESC-entry, I think it was the romantic performance which really DID the song. So I think the writer underestimate their performance

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