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KAN given extension to get EBU guarantee for Eurovision 2019

Two more weeks to get the money

Because some of the recent Eurovision hosts had more or less problems to get everything together for the contest, the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) needs a safety from the host broadcaster in case something unpredictable happens. This is why KAN gets two more weeks (until August 14) to get the €12 million deposit to guarantee hosting the show next year.

Government help is needed

KAN chairman Gil Omer wrote an urgent letter to the Communications Minister Ayoub Kara. He stated, that the channel can not meet the financial demand without the help of the government. Moreover, the channel is in “existential danger” without the help. KAN needs the government to cover both the deposit and the total cost of the 2019 contest, which will be around €35 million.

“The Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation is responsible for producing the Eurovision out of its own budget,” Kara said Tuesday. The minister said he “will make a special effort with the relevant authorities to allow the finance minister to grant a loan for the purpose of holding the competition.”

Nevertheless, before anyone can guarantee the fee for hosting the competition, the broadcaster KAN and the Finance Ministry will have to hold many meetings. A spokesman for the Finance Ministry told the Post on Tuesday, that they won’t discuss the whole issue publicly.
According to a spokesman for KAN, the EBU called the August 14 deadline “a critical date for continuing the process.”
We will know more in about two weeks! What are your thoughts about this? Are you worried about the financial situation to host the contest in Israel? Or are you confident, that they will find a solution in time? Let us know in the comments below or on social media @ESCXTRA.

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