Margaret performs on Allsång på Skansen

Over the last few weeks Europe and beyond have endured record high temperatures. However, while many of us have been flagging in the arid heat, Margaret has channelled the summer energy in her recent performance on Allsång på Skansen. One of Sweden’s most popular music shows, the summer music show hosts some of the most popular Swedish acts with audiences encouraged to sing along. The feisty songstress attempted to represent Sweden in Eurovision this year, coming 7th in Melodifestivalen with ‘In My Cabana’.

Margaret first came known to the Eurovision bubble in 2016, where she attempted to represent Poland in 2016 with ‘Cool me Down’. Despite coming second, the song went viral. It stormed the Polish charts and the lyric video has been watched over 25 million times!

Margaret was joined the likes of Avantgardet, Markoolio, Lilla Al-Fadji and Cornelia Beskow. However, the week long music show also included performances from the likes of Melodifestivalen regulars. This included the likes of Alcazar, Shirley Clamp, Molly Sandén, Samir & Viktor and Pernilla Wahlgren!
The singing was led by none other than Sanna Nielsen, who came third in Copenhagen with ‘Undo’.

Eurovision connections

Both of Margaret’s efforts to the Eurovision stage impressive songwriting connections. Arash Labaf, or Arash, represented Azerbaijan alongside Aysel in 2009 marking the first time the land of fire broke into the top three. Meanwhile, Linnea Deb is one of the winning songwriters to Måns Zelmerlöw’s ‘Heroes’. She also helped pen Robin Stjernberg’s ‘You’ in 2013 and Saara Aalto’s ‘Monsters’ in Lisbon, alongside many popular Melodifestivalen acts!
What do you think of Margaret’s performances? Would you like to Margaret return to the Eurovision world – if so, for what country? Let us know on social media and in the comments below @ESCXTRA!

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