LISTEN: JOWST and Kristian Kostov keep Burning Bridges!

Back in early March, Joakim With Steen (JOWST) teamed up with Kristian Kostov to release the great track “Burning Bridges” together. Now there is a remix, by Edwin Klift.

Burning Bridges – Edwin Klift Remix

Edwin Klift is a young Oslo based musician, who, up until now, is best known for his two songs feat. Nanna; “Northern Lights” and “Drifting Together“. However, after this collaboration with JOWST/Kristian Kostov; might we also see him in a certain televised music contest in half a year’s time? 

JOWST and Kristian Konstov in Euroision

Both JOWST and Kristian Kostov participated in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv. Kristian represented Bulgaria with the amazingly wonderful “Beautiful Mess“. He finished second, thus giving Bulgaria it’s best result ever at Eurovision. He was only beaten by Salvador Sobral and his “Amar pelois dois”. JOWST represented Norway together with Aleksander Walmann. They performed Joakim’s supercool song “Grab the Moment”, finishing in a very respectable 10th place. 

What do you think of the new “Burning Bridges” remix? Do you prefer it to the original? And how would you feel about seeing JOWST, Kristian or Edwin on the Eurovision stage in the near future? 

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