WATCH: ZiBBZ come “UNDUN” with new release

As summer and the heat waves lingers across the continent, Swiss duo ZiBBZ bring the cool with their latest release “UNDUN”.

I’m coming undone

If you were a fan of their Eurovision entry, it’s safe to assume that you’ll enjoy this song too! An anthemic, clapalong pop-rock song with a distinct indie sound, “UNDUN” feels like a natural successor to “STONES”. The first verse sets the tone for the rest of the song, where lead singer Coco offers raw, powerful vocals. In the chorus, backing vocals singing “na na na” will get stuck in your head and make for the perfect crowd sing-along moment.

The music video

The music video starts off at a fancy party of sorts. Dressed in a beautiful gown, Coco runs away from the crowd and heads to the beach, and the video progressively transitions from distorted black and white to color. She then slips out of the dress and lies down in the water, allowing herself to truly get undone. Needless to say, the video reflects the lyrics well, and the message they want to convey is clear.

ZiBBZ at Eurovision

ZiBBZ represented Switzerland in this year’s Eurovision with their song “STONES”. They participated in the notoriously strong first semi-final. Although their performance was polished and appreciated by the juries, the duo ultimately failed to qualify. Finishing in 13th place with 86 points, they continued Switzerland’s non-qualification record. 

What’s your opinion on “UNDUN”? Do you prefer it to “STONES”? Let us know in the comments or on social media @ESCXTRA.

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