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Ryan O’Shaughnessy announces “Civil War” tour in Ireland

As the heatwaves subside and we all gather the courage to sleep with our window closed again, Autumn creeps closer and closer. And this time there is more to look forward to than just raking leaves and bad horror movies. Ryan O’Shaughnessy is soon getting on a bus to arrive in a city near you. Well, if you live in Ireland…and happen to live in one of the nine cities he’s coming to…and It might not even be a bus. POINT IS, his new “Civil War” tour starts in September.

Civil War? Like Captain America?

No, Ryan will NOT be joining the ranks of Marvel Superheroes (at least not for now…but at the rate they are expanding in, anything is possible). Instead it’s just a tour. You know, with music and stuff. Right now the plans are to visit cities across Ireland but as Ryan’s own Instagram post says:

There are also more dates to be added so keep an eye on the website

Which may hint at the tour heading to cities outside of Ireland. Fingers crossed and ready to push the F5 key over and over to refresh his website daily and find out. For info on what cities he WILL visit and to find tickets, check out the details down below:

Together in Lisbon

We of course all remember Ryan thanks to his touching performance in Lisbon earlier this year. With a little help from a bench and some amazingly synchronized dancers, he was hoping to spread the message of love and equality with his entry “Together”. 

The bookies weren’t too impressed, but he proved them all wrong by qualifying to the final, creating a chain of lights (Anita and Michele should be proud) and giving Ireland their best result in the contest since 2011. For a quick reminder, here’s the performance down below:

What do you think about this news? Are you planning on going to see Ryan yourself?  Civil War was a pretty decent movie, wasn’t it?

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