LISTEN; New song from Júli and Dagur!

Júli Heiðar has written a new song, that he has dedicated to all the people who have been, or are still, battling with various kinds of addiction. The song is called “Aldrei eitt”. Júlí has participarted in Söngvakeppnin several times and last time he was the runner up along with Dagur.  With the song “Í stormi“.

Aldrei Eitt

The song is called “Aldrei eitt”, which  can be translated to English into “Never One”. The lyrics are quite touching and speak of the pain of losing someone you hold dear to their battle. The lyrics are well written and delivered perfectly by Dagur. And just to give you the example of the haunting and touching lyrics. And to be fair, the translation does not give it it full credit.

“Despite being surrounded by family and loved ones, I feel so strong pain. I try to look forward into the darkest night, we will never be alone, you and I. We will never be alone, you and I.”

In addition to releasing this song, Dagur has been active in music since he took part at Söngvkeppnin. Dagur and Júlí Heiðar also made a song toghter in June, called “Run“!

What do you think of “Aldrei Eitt”? Would wish there was an English version as well? Let us know!

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