An Xtra Happy Birthday; week 35

September 1st

Birthe Kjær, 70

After few attempts Birthe got to repecent Denmark at Eurovision in 1989, with the song called “Vi maler byen rød”. With three backup singers/dancers in white suits she became 3rd in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Vanna, 48

Vanna took part at the national selection in Croatia, with the song “Dora” and was a runner up. However her chance at Eurovision stage came year when she won the section with “Struneljubavi”. She therefore took part in Copenhagen in 2001. This time the song was also sung in English and called “Strings of My Heart”.The song did well, that is it placed in 10th place at the end of the Contest.

Renars Kaupers, 44

Renars Kaupers is the lead singer of the band “Brainstorm”. They were Latvia´s debuts entry at Eurovision Song Contest in 2000. The song is called “My star” set the standard high for Latvia, for they took the 3rd place that year! In addtion he co-hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in Riga with Marie N.

Stella Mwangi, 32

Connecting with her Kenyan roots, Stella sang for Norway in 2011 in Germany! Happy tune but got the sad ending of not qualifying to the Final. But she has become successful in Norway and few of her songs are used in films and TV´s shows. She also took part in the national selection for Norway in 2018 along with Alexandra Rotan, and sang “You Got Me

Martina Barta, 30

This birthday girl performed this year in Kyiv and sang the ballad “My Turn”. Martina performed for Czech Republic. The song is sweet and romantic and had a lot of dancers on the background screens, however it failed to advance to the final. Maybe she will get another turn at Eurovision, who knows. And maybe with new focus Czech Republic will go to the final.

Lea Sirk, 29

In 2018, Slovenia picked the talented Lea to be their performer in Lisbon. She went with a bold brake in the middle of the song, “Hvala, ne!”. That payed off, because Sirk made it to the final, where she placed 22nd.

Ann-Sophie, 28

From the same year as Melanie Réne, Ann Sophie performed in Austria for Germany. The song “Black Smoke” is about that things were over and nothing left to be, which unfortunately became the fate of the song in the final and got no points.

Melanie René, 28

In Vienna 2015, Melanie sang for Switzerland, with a song called “Time to Shine”. Like most recent Swiss entries, the song did not do that well. But we hope she continues to use her lovely singing voice, here is a short acoustic version of her song that she song for us here at escXtra.

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