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Supernova 2019: changes for Latvia’s national selection

LTV, the Latvian national broadcaster, have announced major changes for the Eurovision national selection Supernova 2019. 

The first change will be that young artists and songwriters from the age of 16 will now be able to apply for Supernova.

“We discussed a lot of this, and there were different arguments for and against, but we believe that overall the competition could be obtained from it”

Ilze Jansone (LTV)

The second change is a emphasis on finding a ‘radio hit’ song in the selection. To do this a jury will be composed of representatives of leading Latviaian radio stations. 

“We are looking for a radio hit, so it’s only logical that radio people are the ones who first evaluate the songs. They are the ones who determine what’s on the radio station every day.”

DJ Rudd, the Supernova jury chairman.

Thirdly, LTV have made changes to the song submission procedure. Rules will now state that the song must be professionally recorded and represent the songwriters ideas as much as possible. Changes may be allowed if the song enters the next round of selection but in general demo versions of songs are less likely to be accepted. “In my opinion, the quality of the work presented reflects the artist’s attitude and willingness to represent his country in the largest TV show in Europe,” says DJ Rudd. 

Supernova will again be working to promote Latvian music across the globe with the help of Universal Music Group. Foreign producers, songwriters and singers will be able to take part in the selection, though the ultimate focus will be on Latvian performers. Singers, producers and songwriters will be able to submit their entries from September 3rd to October 21st.

Latvia at Eurovision 2018

Laura Rizzoto won Supernova 2018 and represented Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with her song ‘Funny Girl’. It placed 12th in the second semi-final, not reaching the Grand Final of the contest. 

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