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America’s Got Talent performance inspired by Sweden’s Benjamin Ingrosso?

When it comes to putting on a memorable performance at Eurovision, Sweden are most certainly one of the front runners. Benjamin Ingrosso dazzled audiences this year with the live stage performance of his entry Dance You Off which featured a spectacular light show.  Eagle eyed viewers have since spotted significant similarities between Ingrosso’s performance and one particular act from the current season of hit US talent show, America’s Got Talent.

‘No LED screens’ in Lisbon?… SVT brought their own!

The Dance You Off performance struck a chord with viewers from the offset, with its use of a life-size lightbox, ravishing LEDs and cleverly orchestrated use of camera angles to give the performance a retro music video feel.

Following Ingrosso’s Melodifestivalen win and alongside RTP’s confirmation that this year’s Eurovision stage would be LED free, SVT had no option but to ship the entire custom built set to Lisbon.

Sweden’s set is adjusted moments before Benjamin’s performance.  (Image: Dan Niazi / ESCXTRA)

At the contest, Sweden effortlessly qualified to the grand final where they finished 7th place overall.

Dance You Off… to the US!

The thirteenth season of America’s Got Talent is currently underway stateside.  The judging panel include Simon Cowell, actor Howie Mandel, TV personality Heidi Klum and former Spice Girl, Melanie Brown. 

With the show reaching its live semifinals this week, one of its finalists, fifteen year old Amanda Mena, took to the stage for her own rendition of Pharrell Williams’ Happy

After its airing, it wasn’t long before Eurofans pointed out it’s resemblance to Sweden’s Eurovision act.

Hours later, Benjamin Ingrosso himself acknowledged the performance of Amanda Mena, jokingly pointing out the similarity.

Were the production team of America’s Got Talent inspired by this year’s Swedish act or is this a bizarre coincidence?   Let us know what you think!

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