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We need a hero! Edward af Sillén to “save” Melodifestivalen!

After this year’s criticism and ratings for the Melodifestivalen 2018 shows, SVT hired Edward af Sillén to ensure the quality for next years programme. Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reveals: the acclaimed director is taken as a consultant.

Back in the right direction!

Based on several sources, Sillén has been hired as a consultant and adviser to assist and support the program’s project managers and manufacturers to increase the quality of the content of the program.

According to the project manager Anette Hellenius, Edward will be the consultant of the creative group. He will work together with Christer Björkman and Henric von Zweigberg at the forefront.

Edward told Aftonbladet about his new project, that “I will consult the content thread and be in the background with regard to program managers and choice of intermediaries. So it feels natural and fun. Maybe I also write a single number, we’ll see.”

“We need a hero”

Edward already worked on several numbers and sketches for both Melodifestivalen and the Eurovision Song Contest. “Love Love, Peace Peace”, is from him for example. Moreover, he also commentated the contest for Sweden in the past years.

Even though there was criticism this year and the ratings lower than the past years, Melodifestivalen remains the biggest national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. Moreover, it’s always one of the biggest shows in the country with several participating artists storm into the charts after the competition. It has been used as a role model for many shows in the past.

This year Sweden was represented by Benjamin Ingrosso and his entry “Dance You Off”! After coming second in the semi-final, he made it to a seventh place in the grand final of Lisbon! Giving Sweden their seventh Top 10 place since 2011!

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