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🇮🇪 ELM or Lesley Roy heading to Eurovision 2020 for Ireland?

As we approach the entry deadline for the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest, there are just a small handful of countries in which we’ve received no information regarding an artist, a song or a presentation date. One of these nations is Ireland and rumours are swirling around two artists in particular: ELM and Lesley Roy.

“The act is just bloody cool!”

In regards to the teasers we’ve received regarding the 2020 Irish entry, we know that the artist in question is an LGBT act and creative director Philly McMahon tells us that:

What I kind of thought when hearing the song is that in 10 years’ time we will still be dancing to this song. I think we’re up there [with Loreen’s Euphoria]! I think this is a new direction for Ireland. We haven’t heard this style of song and the act is just bloody cool.

The feet of the Irish act in question might just be in this teaser tweet by the Irish creative director:

Now, on various online forums and via social media platforms such as Twitter, rumours abound that the Irish act will either be 4-piece baroque-pop band ELM or US-based singer-songwriter Lesley Roy.


Back in October, it was confirmed that RTÉ would be working with their radio station 2FM on securing an act for the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. This radio station has been promoting ELM as “rising picks” for their previous singles “Fear” and “Paris”.

The four-piece band are due to release their brand new single “Golden” on Friday and a live video clip of the band performing the track may just fit with the clues we’ve been given:

Now, ELM are due to play a festival from May 1st to May 3rd which is likely to coincide with Ireland’s scheduled first rehearsal. Whether this rules them out, we shall wait and see.

Lesley Roy

Singer-songwriter Lesley Roy rose to prominence in 2008 in which her debut album “Unbeautiful” was executive producer by pop maestro Max Martin and distributed by American record label Jive Records. The title track hit the charts in numerous countries and almost hit the Billboard Hot 100, charting at #114.

In the following years, Roy has focused on writing tracks for other artists, most notably American Idol star Adam Lambert. The basis of the rumours surrounding Lesley are linked to a leak by the President of the Irish branch of the OGAE International Fan Club.

Who will it be?

With just three weeks left until the heads of delegations meeting takes place in Rotterdam with all broadcaster required to hand in their submitted entries, it’s only a matter of time until RTÉ unveil their entry. Will it be ELM or Lesley Roy? Let’s wait and see!

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