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🇬🇧 Could it be “My Last Breath” by James Newman for the United Kingdom?

Since Saturday, when Graham Norton revealed the UK entry would be unveiled on Thursday 27th February, Eurovision fans have been eagerly putting together as many clues as possible. As excitement hits fever pitch, it looks like everything points towards the UK entry being “My Last Breath” performed by James Newman… and that song has been published by a Czech radio station earlier this evening.

Czech radio hits publish a day early?

As the week has progressed, fans have pieced together that is seemed very likely that either John Newman or his brother James Newman would be involved with this year’s UK entry. James has connections to BMG, the company working with the BBC in choosing their 2020 song and artist.

Now, with the track due to go live tomorrow morning, it seems like a Czech radio station may have gotten a little bit too excited and published a never-heard-before track by James Newman entitled “My Last Breath” slightly earlier than scheduled. You can listen to the track in full by clicking the link below… and yes it is under three minutes in length at just 2 minutes 29 seconds!

Twitter fans piece together the mystery?

Detective work by various Twitter users, including @leowltrs, cleverly compares the official single artwork for “My Last Breath”, which itself features the BMG stamp of approval, to the official invite for the UK entry launch party. The launch party is to be hosted by BBC Eurovision and BMG which you can see in the embedded tweet below:

The track has also been recently uploaded to the GEMA database, confirming the details, songwriters and publishers of the track. Although it claims the track is 4 minutes long, you can hear for yourself in the link above that this is not the case.

Furthermore, Twitter user @dyl8d notices that James was recently in Sweden, the rumoured filming location for the music video as teased by the BBC earlier this week:

We will find out for sure whether “My Last Breath” really is the 2020 Eurovision entry for the United Kingdom when BBC Radio 1 and 2 premiere the entry tomorrow morning. Would you like this to be the entry? Let us know!

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