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πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ ESCXTRA predicts: Melodifestivalen 2020 Andra Chansen

We predict some surprises

This Saturday, Sweden will choose the last four finalists for the final of Melodifestivalen 2020. In this article, Sami and Tim try to predict the outcome of the four duels.

Duel 1: Anis Don Demina vs. Ellen Benediktson & Simon Peyron

Two very different songs will compete in the first duel. Anis Don Demina competed in the third semifinal of the contest while Ellen Benediktson & Simon Peyron took the stage last Saturday in the fourth semifinal.

Anis Don Demina has dominated the Spotify charts and has the most views on YouTube out of all the songs competing in Melodifestivalen 2020. On Spotify, the song peaked on the fourth place on Spotify’s Swedish chart. So far, the highest position on the chart for Ellen Benediktson & Simon Peyron has been 59th.

It seems that Anis Don Demina’s song is more for the younger audience, while the older audience might appreciate the great vocals of Ellen & Simon more. Anis has a bigger fanbase. However, will this be enough for fans to ring up and pay for a vote?

3-9 10-15 16-2930-44 45-5960-74 75+ TelevoteTotal:
Anis Don Demina 111000003
Ellen Benediktson & Simon Peyron 000111115

Prediction: Ellen Benediktson & Simon Peyron to the final

Duel 2: Malou Prytz vs. Paul Rey

The second duel in Andra Chansen is probably the hardest one to predict. Both Malou Prytz and Paul Rey are competing with modern ballads with very commercial sound.

Malou Prytz took part in the first semifinal while Paul Rey competed in the second. On Spotify, both of the songs have similar amount of streams, despite Paul’s song being released a week later. On the Swedish Top 50 chart on Spotify, Paul’s “Talking In My Sleep” peaked on the 17th place, while Malou’s “Ballerina” only managed to climb to the 45th place.

Looking at both of the entries, it is fairly obvious that Malou Prytz would comfortably secure the votes from the younger demographic. However, looking at the recent Spotify streams, it suggests that Paul’s entry appeals to the young adults, and more towards the adults, thus appealing to a wider demographic than Malou.

3-9 10-15 16-2930-44 45-5960-74 75+ TelevoteTotal:
Malou Prytz110000002
Paul Rey001111116

Prediction: Paul Rey to the final

Duel 3: Felix Sandman vs. Frida Öhrn

The third duel in Andra Chansen is another hard one to predict. Both Felix Sandman and Frida Öhrn are competing with anthemic songs with very commercial, but different sounds.

Felix took part in the first semifinal, whilst Frida took part in the fourth semifinal. On Spotify, it is obvious that Felix Sandman has the lead with over 1.6 million streams, whilst at the time of writing, Frida has approximately 138k streams with her entry. Felix’s song peaked on the 11th place on the Swedish Spotify chart the day after it was released. Frida only managed to peak on the 63rd place.

Looking at last year’s statistics with Oscar Enestad and Omar Rudberg (Felix’s bandmates in FO&O), it is a given that Felix would appeal to the younger audiences and Frida would appeal towards the older market. While Felix probably has many fans voting for him even by calling his voting number, it’s still clear that the older audience is in the majority in the televote.

3-9 10-15 16-2930-44 45-5960-74 75+ TelevoteTotal:
Felix Sandman111000003
Frida Öhrn 000111115

Prediction: Frida Öhrn to the final

Duel 4: Mendez feat. Alvaro Estrella vs. Drängarna

The final duel in Andra Chansen gives us another contrast of entries. Mendez with Alvaro Estrella is giving us summer vibes, whilst Drängarna is able to provide us with a country style of music, which reminds us of Swedish nostalgia.

On Spotify, Drängarna got great start after the third semifinal by peaking on the 9th place on the Swedish Top 50 chart. The song hasn’t dropped from the top 25 since its release. Mendez’s “Vamos Amigos” only peaked on the 25th place a day after the second semifinal and dropped out from the top 50 the next day.

Looking at both entries, the younger demographic would look towards an up-beat anthem and vote for Mendez and Alvaro. However, looking at the streams, it is possible for Drängarna to appeal to a wider demographic than Mendez and Alvaro.

3-9 10-15 16-2930-44 45-5960-74 75+ TelevoteTotal:
Mendez feat. Alvaro Estrella111000003
Drängarna 000111115

Prediction: Drängarna to the final

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