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🇸🇪 Sweden skips the delegations meeting due the coronavirus

"It felt like a mere precaution not to have to attend"

Dagens Nyheters reports that Sweden cancels the plans to attend the annual Heads of Delegation meeting in Rotterdam next week. They made the decision as precautionary measure.

“We think we can handle that meeting with digital tools”

Project manager for Melodifestivalen, Anette Helenius, says that SVT have chosen to cancel attending the meeting as a precautionary measure. They think that the meeting can handled with digital tools.

It’s a pretty routine meeting for us. We have attended this meeting annually and we know what is expected of us and then we think we can just as well deliver what they need digitally. Then it felt like a mere precaution not to have to attend.

Anette Helenius

When asked, Anette says that it’s far too early to say, if Sweden needs to cancel its participation in Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam.

It is up to the organizers to make the assessment if there is any reason to cancel the event. So we await their recommendations. I see no reason to distrust their judgment.

Anette Helenius

The annual Heads of Delegation meeting will be held on Monday, March 9 in Rotterdam.

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  1. They should have better stopped the melodifestivalen, they put at risk of contagion to thousands of attendees, it was irresponsable for not to say the less. Were was the Public Health Agency of Sweden to take the proper and right actions to protect the society? They should have used the budget they have in a better way.

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