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๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Fai rumore! Diodato’s Eurovision entry played on the streets of Italy

Italy continues to 'make noise' even amid the virus outbreak

Diodato’s Fai Rumore can be a heard playing in the quiet streets of Italy, a country in lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Make noise!

With Italy on a nationwide ‘lockdown’ due to rising cases of the new coronavirus, COVIG-19, the nation has been relatively trapped in doors for the past week.

What started as a Lombardy-based quarantine has spread to the whole of the country, as increasing cases of coronavirus within the Italy saw nation-wide lockdown measures introduced.

The once bustling streets of Italy, eerily quiet. But that has not stopped some citizens from ‘making nose’ – ma fai rumore, sì!

Videos on YouTube and Instagram have been shared recently showing Italians playing Diodato’s Eurovision entry, Fai Rumore, from balconies, windows and roofs.

Fai rumore, which translates to ‘make noise’, seems a fitting song to play as citizens aim to keep spirits high while attempting to contain the spread of the virus.
Fai Rumore being played and sung in Italy


Diodato has been sharing on his Instagram people’s stories of his song playing out loud to the quiet streets below.

People have sharing videos of people joining in with the singing.

The track seems a fitting to song to play in a time of relative silence, with the lyrics talking about the unnatural silence between you and me:

But you make noise, yes
and I can’t stand
this unnatural silence between you and me

Ma fai rumore, sì
che non lo posso sopportare
questo silenzio innaturale tra me e te

What better way to break the unnatural silence than by playing Fai Rumore?


Diodato will represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. The singer won the Sanremo Music Festival earlier this year with his ballad Fai Rumore.

The singer beat Italy’s 2016 representative, Franceso Gabbani, in the final of Sanremo and he remains one of the bookies’ favourites in the early odds.

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