POLL: Who is your favourite in the Eurovision Song Contest 2020?

The field is complete! Hopefully, we will crown the new winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in just over two months. In the build-up to that moment, we want to know who you, our readers, like best – and therefore, it is time for a poll!

The field is complete, time to vote!

We now have all songs complete. As the betting odds show us, it seems we’re up for a really close battle. Switzerland, Lithuania, Iceland, Bulgaria or someone else? Who’s going to take the crown in Rotterdam? Before we find out, we want to see what you, our readers, like best in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest!

Below, you can vote in our poll. Don’t hesitate to vote for as many as you like! Make sure you also encourage your friends to listen to the songs and drop their votes here…!

Who did you vote for? Let us know by sharing on social media! Don’t forget to tag us, @escxtra, when you do so!


Nick van Lith

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Stephen smith
Stephen smith
4 months ago

Uk you must be having a laugh. Bulgaria. Iceland or Russia x

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