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🇦🇺 Montaigne would “really really” like to return next year

SBS will make the final decision

Following the cancellation of this year’s contest, Montaigne has confirmed that she would like to return next year to represent Australia at Eurovision 2021. She was set to represent Australia in Rotterdam with the song, “Don’t Break Me”.

She has reached out to her fans on Twitter today regarding the situation. Montaigne was due to become the sixth Australian representative at Eurovision after winning Eurovision: Australia Decides in early February.

“I would really like to do it”

The Sydney-born singer Montaigne tweeted today in response to fans asking her whether she would return to compete in Eurovision 2021. In the tweet, she seemed certain that she would like to be invited back to compete next year.

Hello everyone wondering about my participation in Eurovision next year. I would really like to do it. Really really. A lot. But that’s up to SBS. So please direct your queries about that to them, what happens isn’t in my hands.

– Montaigne, speaking on Twitter (23 Mar 2020)

She also reminded her fans that the final decision over whether she would return or not would be made by Australian broadcaster SBS. At the time of publishing, the tweet has now been removed from Twitter by Montaigne.

National final for 2021?

Shortly after the conclusion of Eurovision: Australia Decides 2020, SBS confirmed that the national final would return next year. Dami Im also confirmed that she would submit an entry to take part in the selection. Dami has previously taken part in Eurovision, in 2016, where she finished in 2nd place.

This may prove a problem for Montaigne if SBS decide to go ahead with running their national selection again next year. If this was decided, Montaigne would most likely have to compete in the selection again. This is similar to Estonia’s Uku Suviste who must compete in Eesti Laul again next year.

Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020

On 8th February, the Australian public and jury selected Jessica Cerro – better known as Montaigne – as their 2020 representative. She co-wrote her song, “Don’t Break Me”, alongside DNA who have previously wrote three Australian Eurovision entries – in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Montaigne was born in Sydney in 1995, and she signed her first publishing deal in 2012 with Albert Music. She adopted the name Montaigne in 2013, and released her first single, “I Am Not an End”, in 2014.

In 2016, she released her first charting single in Australia, “Because I Love You”, from her album ‘Glorious Heights’. She made the Australian charts again this year with her Eurovision entry, reaching number 22.

Would you like to see Montaigne return to compete again next year? Or would you like to see her go head-to-head with Eurovision runner-up, Dami Im, in Eurovision: Australia Decides?

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  1. Montaigne won the right to represent us fair and square. I think she should represent us in the next EVSC…regardless as to when it takes place!

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