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🇦🇹 Austria to air ‘Der kleine Song Contest’ as part of their alternative programming for Eurovision

Austrian commentator Andi Knoll to present the show

Austria has also confirmed that it will be airing their alternative Eurovision programming titled ‘Der kleine Song Contest’, with an objective in finding a Eurovision winner.

Three shows to find a Eurovision Winner

The Der kleine Song Contest (The Little Song Contest)  will be airing on the 14th, 16th, 18th April, where its host; Eurovision commentator Andi Knoll will present the 41 Entries for this year’s contest.

Andi will be accompanied by ten jury members, who will whittle down the 41 entries, to just 3, in which the public would be looking for its winner. The jury members are as follows:

  • Waterloo (represented Austria in 1976 together with Robinson with “My Little World”)
  • Simone (represented Austria in 1990 with “No more walls”)
  • Petra Frey (represented Austria in 1994 with “For the Peace of the World”)
  • Manuel Ortega (represented Austria in 2002 with “Say a Word”)
  • Alf Poier (represented Austria in 2003 with “Because people count”)
  • Eric Papilaya (represented Austria in 2007 with “Get a Life – Get Alive”)
  • Nadine Beiler (represented Austria in 2011 with “The Secret Is Love”)
  • Conchita (won 2014 with “Rise Like a Phoenix”)
  • ZOE (represented Austria in 2016 with “Loin d’ici”)
  • Cesár Sampson (represented Austria in 2018 with “Nobody but You”)

The shows will be carried out as follows:

  • April 14, 20:15 ORF 1: Broadcast 1 with the videos from 14 nations
  • April 16, 20:15 ORF 1: Broadcast 2 with the videos from 14 nations
  • April 18, 20:15, ORF 1: Broadcast 3 with the videos from 13 nations and then the audience voting with the three jury winners

Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest

Austria has participated in the contest 52 times since debuting in 1957. They have won twice, in 1966 and 2014, meaning they currently hold the record for the longest gap between wins – 48 years. This is even wider than the Netherlands’ gap of 44 years, which was recently closed by Duncan Laurence’s victory.

Following their victory in 2014, their most recent success was Cesár Sampson, who represented Austria in Lisbon with the song “Nobody But You”. Thanks to his captivating vocals and striking staging, he came 3rd in the final with a total of 342 points. He even topped the jury vote, receiving 12 points from nine national juries! His qualification to the final extended Austria’s qualification streak to five finals in a row.

In 2020, Austria selected ‘Vincent Bueno’ to represent them in Rotterdam with the song ‘Alive’ and was set to perform in the first half of the second semi-final. ORF has confirmed that Vincent will represent Austria in Eurovision at 2021.

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