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Netflix original film “Eurovision” postponed due to corona pandemic

The virus wasn't the only thing that made filming difficult

According to ETCanada the for May scheduled movie “Eurovision” is postponed due to the current coronavirus pandemic. In an interview with Rachel McAdams, she revealed that while filming in Iceland they had to fight with the virus and a current volcanic activity. A new release date is yet to be revealed.

No official release date for the Netflix original film “Eurovision”

The Netflix original movie “Eurovision” with world stars like Rachel McAdams, Dan Stevens, Pierce Brosnan, Will Farrell (who also wrote the movie together with Andrew Steele), and even more was scheduled for a release in May 2020. The movie gets filmed in the UK and Iceland. In an interview with ETCanada, Rachel McAdams revealed they finished filming in Iceland, but it wasn’t easy.

“We shot in Iceland right where there is volcanic activity [happening] right now on top of everything else,” she said. “We were lucky on two fronts to get that finished.”

Speculations already began, when Netflix released their monthly preview of the upcoming releases, and “Eurovision” wasn’t in the list of releases for May 2020. A new official release date is yet to be announced and is according to IMDb planned for later in 2020.

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Dominik Rössing

Hey, I'm Dominik from Germany. Watched my first Eurovision in 2003 and I was in love right away! Attended my first contest in 2011 and every contest since 2013. The same happened with Melodifestivalen. Started watching in 2006 and been to every final since 2017 and try to make it to at least one heat each year, too. After all, Melodifestivalen is the real deal ♥

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