Eurovision 2020

LIVE NOW: Watch the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Celebration 2020!

At 9pm CEST, the second and final Eurovision Song Celebration 2020 show will begin live on the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel which you can watch right here. Tonight’s show will celebrate the 18 entries of the second semi-final plus the entries from France, Spain and the United Kingdom.

What to expect?

For the first time, the EBU will reveal and play the entries in what the producers had chosen as the official running order. In addition, the EBU has promised us various surprises such as the “Switch the Genre” challenge in which some participants will reinvent their entries in a brand new way. Furthermore, we will be able to watch specially-made “fan recaps” featuring fans singing clips of each of tonight’s entries.

Of course, we are all greatly disappointed that we aren’t watching the second semi-final live from Rotterdam this evening. Nevertheless, it’s time for the Eurovision family to come together for the Eurovision Song Celebration 2020!

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