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๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น 2014 Sanremo winner Arisa reiterates desire to represent Italy at Eurovision

During Monday’s edition of RAI Uno programme “Vieni da me” (Talk to Me), winner of the 2014 Sanremo Music Festival, Arisa, reiterated her desire to represent Italy at a forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

I do Sanremo to go to Eurovision

As explained by eurofestivalitalia, in an interview with show host Caterina Balivo, Arisa explains that a major reason as to why Arisa has competed in recent Sanremo Music Festivals is that she wants to go to Eurovision.

“I have won Sanremo twice and I have never gone to Eurovision yet. Everyone asks me why I try to do Sanremo every year. Because I want to go to Eurovision. ” (translated from Italian)

Arisa (25 May 2020)

Damn! Wrong year

Since Italy’s Eurovision comeback in 2011, RAI has selected their artist through the Sanremo Music Festival each year. Initially, the artist was chosen via a special Eurovision committee. More recently, the winner of the festival is given first refusal to participate. Since this rule has been in place, only 2016 winners Stadio turned down the opportunity. Runner-up Francesca Michielin was then selected as Italy’s 2016 Eurovision representative.

The anomaly arose in 2014 when Emma Marrone was internally selected. Unfortunately for Arisa, 2014 was the year she took victory in the main Sanremo competition. As highlighted by eurofestivalitalia, she certainly didn’t hide her disappointment at missing out on that Eurovision ticket when the internal selection proved to be a one-off:

Giving music new opportunities

In a previous interview with eurofestivalitalia at the time of the 2016 Sanremo Music Festival, Arisa explained exactly why her desire to go to Eurovision is so strong (translated from Italian):

“Taking part in Eurovision would mean giving my music an opportunity. When I choose my songs from those that I write and those that write for me, I wonder if I would like my son to listen to them, if they could help him to untie a knot, to find a way, as Jovanotti has indicated one to me over the years’ 90, when he sang “Try to be man before being people”.

Arisa (2016)

Would you like to see Arisa represent Italy at Eurovision in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. She would be loved because of her strong interpretation. U would understand listening to \”Amami\” album.
    Or even she could present an innovating sound as in \”Se vedo te\” album.
    Elegance and powerfull voice. She owns everything

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