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🇦🇿 Eldar Gasimov releases new single “Until the End” in collaboration with VoColor

He might have been running scared in 2011 but Azerbaijan’s Eurovision winning star Eldar Gasimov is back with a brand new song! “Until the End” is in collaboration with Swedish-Greek EDM/Electronic Pop project VoColor who also have significant Eurovision experience under their belts.

Meeting the collaborators

“Until the End” was produced by Sebastian Ekstrand and Georgios Kalpakidis with Kalpakidis and Nikos Sofis taking care of the lyrics. As Sofis tells us, it was only recently that he got in contact with the Eurovision 2011 winner in order to suggest a collaboration. One thing led to another and when Gasimov heard the demo for “Until the End” he instantly fell in love with the project.

Eldar rose to fame as joint-winner of Milli Seçim Turu 2011, alongside Nigar Jamal, Azerbaijan’s selection process for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. Singing “Running Scared” at the Eurovision 2011 grand final in the German city of Düsseldorf, Azerbaijan took their first Eurovision victory scoring 221 points in the process. Since his Eurovision victory, Eldar has continued to release numerous singles including a collaboration with Ukrainian Eurovision star Zlata Ognevich.

VoColor is a new project that began in late 2019 by Sebastian Ekstrand, vocalist of Metalcore band Escape the Day, and Nikos Sofis, a regular collaborator with various artists from the Eurovision family including former Eurovision artists Omar Naber, Samra, Litesound and Richard Edwards. The two musicians have collaborated many times since first meeting in 2016, finally coming together as VoColor with their first single “Savior” in December 2019.

Listen to “Until the End” right here

You can listen to “Until the End” on both Spotify and Apple Music by using the links below. In addition, you can find the track on all your favourite digital platforms. It’s an up-tempo and anthemic track that is a wonderful mix of pop melodies and EDM beats and the build-up in the middle 8 is not to be missed!

Apple Music


YouTube Preview

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