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🇦🇹 Cesár Sampson stands as Green Party candidate in upcoming Vienna City Council election

Austrian singer Cesár Sampson has decided to add another career to his resume: in the upcoming elections for the Vienna City Council, he will be standing as the Green Party candidate. His third place in the 2018 contest has proven that Cesár is capable of collecting votes throughout Europe. Will the “Nobody But You” singer be able to achieve the same results in his hometown Vienna?

What is the Green Party?

Die Grünen (the official name of the Green Party in Austria) have a track record of winning approximately 10 seat in the city council. The particular subsection of the party that Cesár is a member of represent the “Inner Stadt,” the inner city. Cesár takes up the fourth place as a candidate. If Die Grünen continue to follow this pattern, it would give him a good shot at representing his green vision in the Vienna City Council.

Die Grünen‘s website mentions that, among other things, their goals are to make the inner city of Vienna more affordable and livable, and that they want to create more space for walking and cycling in the city. Furthermore, they emphasize the need for animal rights and an expansion of renewable energy throughout the city.

“Aktivist” Cesár Sampson

On his introduction page, Cesár is referred to as an “Aktivist”, meaning activist. The artist talks about his passion for art and music as a universal language for everyone, regardless of background. Besides this passion, which Eurovision fans are already familiar with, he mentions his vision for the improvement of society: it needs to be benevolent for animals and all earth’s resources.

According to Cesár’s page, he often finds himself in strange situations, as artists are encouraged to steer clear of politics. However, politics, whether they are local or global, are always being discussed. Cesár says that working in his own district is rewarding because everything – citizens, cause and effect, politics- are all closely tied together.

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