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πŸ‡©πŸ‡° Leonora releases her new single “Turquoise”

Anyone following Leonora on Instagram might have noticed it. She has been counting down the days until the release of her new song “Turquoise”. On Friday 26 June, the wait was finally over! We hope you like the colour as much as she does. Enjoy listening on all music platforms! Find the links in this article.

This is just one of her many count down-posts on Instagram. Leonora mentions that “Turquoise” is a pure home made song and that she had a lot of fun recording it.

Stream “Turquoise” here



Apple Music

Leonora in the Eurovision Song Contest

In national final season of Eurovision 2019, Leonora won the Danish Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. Denmark voted for her to represent them in Tel Aviv. She did that with the sweet “Love Is Forever”. With little phrases in French, German and Danish, she managed to bring Denmark in the grand final where she finished 12th. Enjoy her performance one more time!

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