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🇫🇷 Madame Monsieur collaborates with other artists for their new album “Tandem”

Mercy, Mercy! Duo Madame Monsieur who represented France at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 have released a new collaboration album named “Tandem”.

25 songs, plus other Eurovision stars

This is a big one: the album consists of 25 songs you can listen to, and you can hear our beloved duo singing with different French singers on every song. Two of France’s past representatives are also featured on the album: Amir (2016) and Bilal Hassani (2019). Other famous names you might know are Jérémy Frérot, Kyo, Slimane and Christophe Willem.

This album is a message of love and openness to the other. To write with others is to expose oneself, to offer oneself in what is most personal and all our guests have in common curiosity and generosity.

Madame Monsiour on the release of “Tandem”

You can buy the CD or listen to the new album on all streaming platforms.

Madame Monsieur at the Eurovision Song Contest

Two weeks before Lisbon 2018, France was the 2nd favourite to win the whole thing, right after Israel’s Netta. The hand waving moment with the whole arena was emotional and iconic, but it didn’t grant enough votes to climb to a predicted top 5 finish – “Mercy” finished 13th.

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