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🇵🇱 Beyond Eurovision: Ich Troje

Over this summer, we are premiering a new series called Beyond Eurovision. Every week, we look at what happened to Eurovision stars since they took part in the contest. This week we’re taking a look at two-time Eurovision participants Ich Troje.

Ich Troje was formed in 1996. Founders Michał Wiśniewski and Jacek Łągwa have remained constant fixtures in the band’s lineup. Before their Eurovision participations, they released five albums, two of which were certified diamond.

Their Eurovision participations

TVP held their first national final back in 2003. 14 acts competed for the right to represent Poland at Eurovision but Ich Troje were victorious with a sizeable vote margin. “Keine Grenzen-Żadnych granic” finished in 7th place at Eurovision, which remains their second best result ever.


In 2006, Ich Troje returned to the Polish national final. The contest had a photo finish result, with two acts tied for the win. However, Ich Troje won the public vote and went on to represent Poland with the song “Follow My Heart”. Unfortunately, they barely missed out on qualification in the semi-final, falling six points short.

More album releases and concert tours

Since their Eurovision participations, Ich Troje has released three studio albums; two albums in 2006 and 2008 respectively. Between then and 2017 their music releases appear to have been quite sparse. Their latest album – Pierwiastek z dziewięciu – was released in December 2017. It seems like these albums weren’t quite as successful as their predecessors.

However, one of their latest singles, “Anioły”, has over 7 million views on YouTube, so they’re still quite popular.

In addition, the band has gone on multiple tours and played many concerts, including shows in the United States and Canada. In 2007 and 2016, the band held two anniversary concerts to celebrate 10 and 20 years respectively. Both of these concerts were broadcast on TV.

They have another concert tour scheduled for 2021, as well as new music in the works.

Old, new, and returning Ich Troje band members

At Eurovision, Ich Troje had two different constellations. Justyna Majkowska was their third member in 2003, although she left the group later that year. Anna Świątczak replaced her and joined the band for their second participation. However, in 2006 Justyna made a comeback together with Magda Femme, the original female vocalist for the band, to perform at Eurovision.

Post-Eurovision, Ich Troje has gone through five member changes. Anna left the band in 2010 and Jeanette Vik temporarily replaced her. Justyna Panfilewicz, Marta Milan, and Agata Buczkowska were all part of the band at different times. In March earlier this year, Anna announced that she was rejoining the group.

This is the third part of an on-going series. In the first part we featured Musiqq and last week we took at look at Marija Šerifović.

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